Attack Creative designed the brand identity of ‘Rejuvenate’ for Adullam Social Enterprises.


Rejuvenate give items and individuals a new lease of life by upcycling donations of unwanted items from the public to give them a new purpose, whilst at the same time helping retrain individuals in a variety of art, craft and life skills. To visually reference the concept of human development within the project, the brand identity uses texture, hand crafted graphics, a variety of handwritten type styles and volunteer testimonials to show how items and individuals have been ‘rejuvenated’.

“Attack Creative worked with myself and my team to create a new brand from scratch for our new project. Attack created and designed us a name and brand that we are proud of providing a service that from start to finish was fantastic.
The brand Attack created for us really showcased what our volunteers do and the fantastic work that goes on in our project.”


Sharon Ames, Head of Social Enterprises, Adullam