Sunset Cinema Club brings people together to watch great films as the sun sets in hidden and creative outdoor spaces.


Referencing the classic and cult films from years gone by that Sunset Cinema Club show, Attack Creative created a brand identity using degraded and eroded graphics of film reels and icons alongside a colour palette inspired by the sight of the sun slowly going down as the film starts.

A playful use of famous film quotes add a sense of fun and nostalgia to the brands tone of voice to help transport viewers back to days gone by.

“We knew what we wanted to ‘feel’ like and what we were about, but ATTACK made that tangible for us! Seeing our brand for the first time made it all real. An amazing skill, ATTACK totally ‘got us’ and enabled the communication of that to others. Brands are way more than just a logo – to put it in the words of Sunset Cinema Club… “It’s a feeling, a heartbeat (Dirty Dancing, 1987)”.


Louise Darby, Sunset Cinema Club